11 Indian Celebrities Converted to ISLAM

11 Indian Celebrities Converted to ISLAM



  • Purpose with this article is just to share information and not to stir any controversy . Let me put it straight here ,I Do respect and love all religions equally.
  • I strongly believe that all religions teach us love and compassion only.
  • “Your religion is for you and my religion is for me “

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” 



1: AR Rahman:

  • Oscar Won Indian music composer and singer.
  • He born as Hindu and later converted to Islam.
  • His name changed from  Dileep to Rahman.
  • Even though he born to Hindu family , Rahman has this inclination towards atheism at first later he converted to islam and became ardent theist.

His comment about his conversion:  “Its not dramatic as it sounds ,my family was isolated and when Sufism concepts influenced me and started believing Islam”


2: Kamala Surayya 

  • Born as Hindu to famous higher caste family.
  • Malayalam writer Kamala,(pen name Madhavikkutty), one of India’s best known 20th century poet converted from Hinduism to Islam in year 1999.
  • Her name Changed from Madhavikkutty to Kamala Surayya.

NB: The reason behind Kamala Surrayyas’s conversion to Islam : If you want to know more details about her conversion , You can refer this book “The love Queen of Malabar” written by Merilly. (The book is bit convtroversial)


3: Dharmendra

  • Famous Bollywood celebrity and And father of Suunny deol.
  • Even though he converted to Islam, as per the sources he is not practicing Islam.
  • The reason behind Dharmendr’s Conversion : To marry Hemamalini he converted to Islam.

4: Yuvan Shankar Raja:

  • Indian music composer and Son of famous musician Ilayaraja .
  • Converted to Islam recently.

5: Mamta Kulkarni

  • Former Bollywood Actress.
  • her Husband also converted to islam and they are now living in nairobi ,kenya.
  •  Mamta’s husband Vicky Goswami was arrested in Arab Emrites (UAE) in drug smuggling case. He was sentenced for 25 years but he was released in November 2012. Some media reports mentioned that his sentence was reduced due to model conduct. His conversion to Islam was also one of main reason of reduction.
  • Goswami converted to Islam and got married with Mamta Kulkarni when he was in prison.

6: Mahesh Bhatt

  • Indian Film director and producer.
  • He converted to ISLAM to marry Soni Razdan with out divorcing his first wife.
  • As per the reports Mahesh is not practicing Islam.

7: Hema Malini

  • Famous Bollywood celebrity and mother of Isha deol.
  • Hema fell in love with her co-star Dharmendra and they married in 1980,before marriage they both converted to ISLAM.
  • But Hema remains a strong  Hindu practitioner.

8. Sharmila Tagore

  • She married Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, the Nawab of Pataudi and former captain of the Indian cricket team, in a Nikkah ceremony held on 27 December 1969.
  • Converted to Islam and took on the name Ayesha Sultana.
  • They had three children: Saif Ali Khan (b. 1970), Saba Ali Khan (b. 1976),[20] a jewellery designer, and Soha Ali Khan
  • (Begum Ayesha Sultana) – Bollywood film actress


  • Famous south Indian actress revealed On 30 May 2014  through  press club meeting about her conversion to Islam religion.
  • Changed her name to MG Rehima.
  • Rehimas Father is Hindu and mother is Christians.
  • She started following Islam since 2010 but revealed now only.

Rehimas Comments :  “I was started my career in cinema from child artist, completed 70 films in Cinema Industry. I have done with your full support. The word thanks word is not enough for your affections”. She added, “I don’t convert for the reason of love or money, I am not such a person. I like Islamic principles so that I converted to Islam. I will intimate about my marriage to media once arranged by parents and I really thanks to my dad cause of his full support. I am not convinced to change my name but I have changed my name is M.G.Raheema (M – Maruthi Raj (father), G-Gracy (mother)). Hereafter I won’t act in the film, it gives some pain but I don’t change my mind”



 10.Amrith Singh :

  • EX-wife of Bollywood actor Saif ali khan.
  • Amrith brought up as sikha and later converted to Islam.

11.Hans Raj Hans :

  • Indian singer.
  • The Pak media claims the singer converted while he is on a trip to their country. The singer, who is a Sikh by birth. But his son has rubbished the news


NB: Please don’t post communal things in the comment area.

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  • Soumic Dasgupta

    Islam is the religion of the terrorists no human being can convert to Islam only anti socialists converts to Islam

    • jithumpa

      Hey dude

      This is not fair. Respect and love every one.

      • Firoz Khan

        well said

      • rohan

        well done

      • Ali Raza

        Really appreciated your comments.


      I thing you dont know about Islam.To comment about Islam please read Quran and Hadish.

      • Firoz Khan

        yeh dasgupta ande mein rehta hain

    • Firoz Khan

      islam is the religion of peace dont go for individuality
      if its terror..than modi is the world biggest terrorist

    • aaliya

      U dont judge a religion based on few of the people who claim to practice that religion..islam is a religion that teaches peace. Thats y ppl convert from other religions to islam.. read quran and hadith n u wil find out the strength and base of islamic principles

      • “To you your religion and to me mine” Take this words from Quran .

        We all should live in harmony . Love every one and be loved.

        No hatred please.

      • Ali Raza

        We should talk softly ok.

      • Ali Raza

        Achay ikhlaq. This is first principal of islam to talk softly. You are talking about islam, but u don;t know how to talk softly.

    • Juber Shaikh

      Hey u dasgupta u don’t have any rights to say about Islam ..
      If u don’t know anything then shut ur mouth

      • HI Juber

        Islam is the religion of peace and let Dasgupta tell what he wants , we can consider it as his illiteracy. Love all. Concentrate on our karma. And smile

        • Ali Raza

          yes u right.

    • Mohammad Abdullah

      In quran allah has said a person killing another person is not a human and he will get very strict punishment in hell and he is no more a muslim . If u could not understand by this inshallah i will elaborate it for u my brother. Thank you

      • Well said Abdullah

        Let love spread and every live happily in this universe.

      • Ali Raza

        I want to added if anyone kill to any one even own children so his punishment is death in islam. see in Saudi Arabia, they cut head as punishment of death.

    • India Pride

      Lolz …your RSS chadii terrorists know to lick linga(dickks) you chutiya dasgupta

      • Hi India Pride,

        Please for gods sake. Don’t insult any one. Spread smile and love

        • India Pride

          I have indeed spread smile with a prompt and witty answer showing the facts

          • Hasinah

            Hey, whatever your name is I don’t know why are you insulting others religion. Seriously dude you really need to get yourself checked up because you might be suffering from a disease called uneducated disease and your cure is to educate yourself and do you know how to educated yourself? Let me give you an idea. Take a book and read or go for classes only for dummies like you… Lolxx… You seriously need to get a life.. I assume that you must be jobless and finding something to do like all Indian does… I got a cure for you… GET A JOB….. You think that your hell great (which you’re not) and maybe you are trying to prove something to us and it must be either these three stuff. a)You’re lifeless b)Pathetic c)you’re a loser and jobless.. People like you are never gonna reach anywhere. I respect every religion and people like you are the one that is causing hatred to every religion. You want to speak about religion? Fine. I will tell you that what your religion teaches you. Your religion teaches you to steal stuff, murder people and rape young girls. That’s why India comes in the top 10 of the most rape cases. Actually your religion is not the cause of this but you people make us think that this is what your religion is teaching you… I don’t have anything to do with this conversation but I hate people who doesn’t have respect for other religion. Don’t you think that by insulting other religion, you’re actually gonna go to hell. Leave a peaceful life and educate yourself. Life is not permanent. One day everyone will have to go back from where they came from. If one day you passed away and god will question you that what good deeds have you done when you when alive. And what are you gonna answer? Look at yourself first before assuming other. Peace

          • India Pride

            whatever your beliefs are..you better stay out of me…

          • Hasinah


          • Hi Hasinah,

            Dear, I have no idea what you are talking about?. I think you misinterpreted my article. I am a pure secularist , I love and respect every other religion. You can see the comments section for more, how i manged to reply hatred comments.
            From the heart i am saying i want a peaceful earth , where religion , caste or creed do no harm to human kind. By saying that i am not against any organized community as well. By the way whats wrong talk about conversions, it happens right ?, until unless its not forced, let it happen. Not just about Islam. I have published other articles conversations happend in Hindu religion. See its not about any specific religion conversion , its about celebrities. Hope you got that point ? . Yes what ever they do

            Any i respect your comment and here after i will be more careful publishing articles. And once again thank you very much finding time to write . Keep in touch dear . Spread love and live happily. GOD BLESS EVERY ONE.

          • Hasinah

            I totally understand and it’s not your fault but there are some perverts that just can’t stop creating chaos here. I got nothing to do in any of this conversation but I really do respect other religion that’s why I couldn’t help myself but to argue with that asshole. Peace.

      • Mano

        When your Prophet Mulla was caught licking pig’s chuth and so the pigs are sacred to you now……

        • @Mano: Please don’t insult any one. If you continue i will remove your messages .

    • Ali Raza

      No My friend. This is not true. Islam is not a religion of terrorists. If you know the eudcation about islam. then you can know true.

    • truth

      mad person …read history of ajmer sharief 50 lakh HINDUS converted to islam at the hands of khawja ….read story of MALCOM X , ALI CALLEY , M C ROUTER …just to name few

    • axxo

      u mean terrorist like RSS rite?

    • Raj

      Ok and u r internet patriots ryt 😂😂😂😂😂check on google u will find 11 ISI bjp members caught in chattisgarh on 12 April latest update … 😂😂😂😂😂😂 coward

    • imram immu

      Islam is not terror religion
      Once check the rules of Saudi Arabia.
      Government hang to death on spot to the rapist.
      Great government in the world.

    • ashaq bhat

      Islam liberated the mankind when ever it was followed in total. Read quran and I bet you will love islam. still you have a chance.

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    My religion in just an INDIAN. Nothing else.

    • Hi Dileep

      Yes that kind of mind set we all need. We should be secular in all manner not just in records.

      • Ashd khan

        India is my country and my religion is Indian and nothing else……
        so evryone don’t bad comment about any religions.

        • Well Saod Ashd khan.

          Yes we all Indians and religion is just a medium or channel to reach almighty.

          • Mohammad Abdullah

            Brother i have prove that islam is correct

          • Hi Abdullaha

            Wow. It will be great if you could shed some details about it.

          • Mohammad Abdullah

            My brother in quran it is written that allah has made two seas that dont mix together now you can see on youtube this video simple allah’s miracle. Thank you

          • Yes man. I will see that. I love and respect all religion. Let peace prevails.

          • Hero Heeralal

            you are a CHUTIYA……
            see any muslim country where there is a peace…….
            Islam is a religion of TERROR…
            Read the life of Muhammad….
            He killed people and converted them…
            the chutiya muslims say Islam is a religion of peace…

          • Please. Don’t pollute this place by blaming and talking bad about to others. please spread love. Love every one. Please

          • Muhaib Shareef

            Hey Gandu ke Hero Heeralal Mind ur language if we want to told reply same to ur religion then how u feel . think ur a human r wild animal…

    • Malgi Zia

      Asking about religion not Nationality’


    1. Say (O Muhammad () to these Mushrikun and Kafirun): “O Al-Kafirun (disbelievers in Allah, in His Oneness, in His Angels, in His Books, in His Messengers, in the Day of Resurrection, and in Al-Qadar, etc.)!

    2. “I worship not that which you worship,

    3. “Nor will you worship that which I worship.

    4. “And I shall not worship that which you are worshipping.

    5. “Nor will you worship that which I worship.

    6. “To you be your religion, and to me my religion (Islamic Monotheism).”

    Mr. Aswajith we have to understan the meaning of that verse which you quoted from Quran the complete surah that is what i mentioned above

    first we have to tell what is truth them if anyone dont accept then

    “To you your religion and to me mine”

    • Hi Naushad

      That was really worth information and thank you very much.

  • AR Raja

    Is Islam entertain converting fellows like Dharmender & Mahesh Bhat..?

    • Hello Raja

      I am not educated enough about Islam to answer your question. I hope any one seeing this comment would help us in solving this.

  • India Pride

    For the mourners on this article are actually ashamed to accept their own drawbacks of their saffron terrorists jibes through raping cows, licking linga , drinking cow piss worshiping monkeys, snakes, elephants,stones, idols rats, trees eunuchs and finally linga(dickkks)..ewaahhh yuckkk

    • Hi India Pride,

      Why you are stirring controversies by sharing derogatory statements. Just share love and live happily my dear friend.

      • India Pride

        Yeah sure friend that was for someone who are mourners on this pretty good article

  • imram immu

    Who said you Islam is terror religion?
    Islam is a peaceful religion.
    Media make Islam as a terror religion but in fact Islam is lovely and peace full religion.
    Muslim who hates human in the name of religion’s is not a true Muslim mention in Quran.
    Allah the Almighty god is one and only one god who is ruling the whole nature.
    Islam respect others,love others,respect women’s and respect elders.
    Who killed lakhs of people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by bombarding ?
    Who killed mahatma Gandhi?
    Who killed rajiv Gandhi and Indra Gandhi?
    Islam is mention in every sacred book in Mahabharata,Bible and Judaisms.
    USA government make the fake Muslim terror videos to ruin Islam.
    Jesus is Muslim it is clear mentioned in Bible,but many knows the fact but they denied.
    May Allah hidaya all the world.

  • imram immu

    Recently on Thursday blood some Hindu RSS leaders brutally beaten the Muslim family in train why?
    Because they are Muslim?
    Is this Hinduism teach?
    Modi is encouraging RSS and Banrangidal to harash Muslims and Dalits in India.
    What a great Indian prime minister?
    If many Hindus kills Muslim in front of media they are not terrorist?
    Recently after formation of BJP Government, many RSS leaders killed Muslims and Dalits,but no one raised their voiced against them,because they are Hindus.
    Great hindians